Triggers (re: Communication)

Are you feeling “triggered” by someone? There are very few people who can say they have never felt triggered by something someone has said at some point in their life.  We have all felt it.  Sometimes we know what is triggering us and other times we simply can’t put our finger on why, but we […]

Tips for the Upcoming Holidays!

For those of us in Canada, October marks the time for a big holiday for many…Thanksgiving! The holidays are a hectic and chaotic time for the vast majority of the population. We run from one place to another with more “to do” lists than we think we will ever manage to complete. One thing is […]

Beautiful Outside, Mentally Strained Inside

So many people go through their day-to-day lives pretending.  They wake up, put on the perfect clothes, wear the perfect makeup, perfect their hair, straighten their tie…They pretend to be happy, pretend to have everything in order, pretend to be in control, and pretend they can handle whatever the world throws at them.   But what […]

Mindfulness Explained In Brief

Mindfulness is a word that is thrown around and can have very different meanings depending who you are and what you have heard, or even courses you have taken.  Some believe it means you have to become a monk and sit on a Tibetan mountain humming or being perfectly silent for hours on end.  Others […]

The Power of WHY

The Power of WHY By: Tara Lehman 7-2023 Why is ‘why’ so powerful?  Because it is the question of all questions.  It is our curiosity coming out for a visit.  It helps us understand our world around us.  It navigates us through to the answers we seek.  It is also the enemy around negative self-talk.  […]

Don’t Forget to Breathe

By Barb Chapman and Tara Lehman (original from 2018) Do you ever find yourself breathing quickly or even holding your breath during stressful moments?   Do you lay in bed at night with your mind and heart racing together?  Could you use a quick relaxation technique?  Don’t forget to breathe! Everyone has moments of anxiety or […]

Your Potential is Unlimited

I was once in a group discussing potential and what it means to meet your potential.  It occurred to me that our potential really is up to us.  We are not limited by anything but our thoughts and perceptions when it comes to the future in our lives, careers, or businesses.  The future is not […]

I Did It! Conquering My Fear

Previously written by: Tara Lehman 2017 All my life I have hated and feared spiders, and particularly those long legged, hairy, large and scary tarantulas.  I have seen them at events, in cages and even at birthday parties, where I have had chances with other onlookers to touch or hold one of those creatures.  My […]

YOU are Unique

Be more like your sister!  Why can’t you do what I want you to?  You need to follow in your father’s footsteps.  You should be a lawyer just like your Aunt.  Why can’t you be more like Joe or Jane? Do this sound familiar?  We have all heard at some point in our lives that […]

The Time is Now. Taking Care of YOU!

You have likely heard the phrase, “the time is now”. When it comes to taking care of ourselves to help avoid stress and burnout in life, at work, or with our businesses, the time is now.

Right now. It’s time to put yourself first again and this time stick to