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We have Gift Certificates available in any denomination

Our Referal Program

If a new client contacts us and mentions that you (our existing or past client) referred them to us and they attend at least 1 session, you will receive your next scheduled session at half price!

We truly appreciate any and all referrals to help us expand our business, with the benefit also going to you!

Life Coaching and Women Focused Nutrition and Wellness Coaching is all about YOU, the client.

We will work with you through one-on-one conversations to help fulfill your goals, become the best person you can be at home and work, assist you through tough times and be a sounding board. We are there to listen, teach and empower you to find the answers you seek through life’s changes and transitions.  You will have tools you need to move forward with other areas of your life too.


How can we empower you through life’s challenges?

Are you ready to have balance back in your life?  Both Barb and Tara will help empower you through changes and transitional periods in your life, when you are experiencing fear or worry of the unknown, lack of direction, lack of confidence in your decisions, or needing support in developing new habits. 

If you are ready to tackle your life balance and want to feel empowered, we can help you prepare for it and help you move your life in a positive new direction with confidence.

Areas where we support and empower our clients through life’s transitions or challenges.

  • Life’s transitions (marriage, divorce, new job, etc.)
  • Goal Setting (bucket list, career, or business)
  • Managing Stress / Anxiety / Worry
  • Working with the unique challenges of supporting people with disabilities (Coach Barb)
  • Developing self confidence
  • And other of life’s changes and challenges

How do we help empower you for change?

  • Discovering your core values and aligning them to your life / career goals
  • Developing a plan of action that works
  • Developing skills for self confidence
  • Skills to help reduce stress or worry
  • Setting reasonable and achievable goals
  • Developing new habits
  • Ensuring you stay accountable and keeping you on track for a positive change
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tools

Women Focused Nutrition and Overall Wellness Coaching


Coach Barb is our expert on this topic and is a certified Women’s Coaching Specialist, NESTA Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist, as well as a Nutritionist certified by the International Sports Sciences Association.

Do you step on the scale and are unhappy with the number not budging?  Are you wanting support to eat healthier than you are right now?  Are you a middle-aged woman and the weight just doesn’t come off like it used to?  Just not sure where to start when it comes to your nutrition and lifestyle changes you want to make?

Barb’s coaching is designed to help with these goals and more.  Some areas Barb can support you with include: understanding what to eat and how much, gaining knowledge and understanding of food labels, dealing with setbacks and getting back on track, finding a good support system, the know how of eating out while eating well, navigating family gatherings full of food, and so much more.  To discuss your nutrition and weight goals, please reach out to Barb today.

Amplifying Your Wellness with TLC Community

For more information or to join click here.

A sense of community and belonging is something we always strive for with any of our clients.

Because of this, we have created a community dedicated to your wellness and self-care.

The members will receive: a once a month dedicated community meeting, free online workshops and events (non-leadership), free access to our eBooks, discounts on coaching services, and even some free resources!

Join us today by visiting our TLC Community website.


Amplifying Your Wellness with TLC Podcast

Enjoy our new Podcast!


This podcast is dedicated to your wellness and self-care through guest stories, information, and tips on how to live healthier and happier lives.

Find us on most of your favourite platforms as Amplifying Your Wellness with TLC, or click a link below.

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PS: Podcasts take a lot of time to create, find guests, edit and keep running.  As we do not currently advertise on our podcast, we do accept tips as a way to help cover the cots associated with running this podcast.  Support us here: Podcast Tip Jar

Thanks for your support and enjoy the show!

Package Options:

One-On-One Sessions (all are in Canadian Funds): We offer the following packages: Essentials - 8 x 1-hour sessions Fundamentals - 12 x 1 hour sessions. Contact us today for more information!
We also consider your need for flexibility so we offer Pay As You Go (by request only), so you can mix and match the length of sessions. No minimum sessions required to be purchased. Please ask for more details.
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