Building new habits can be difficult and I will be the first one to say it’s not easy if you don’t have a plan or use resources available.  However, when you get there with a new good habit, you will feel great.

One thing you may read or hear is that changing a habit takes just 21 days.  If only this were true for everyone and every habit you want to create or lose.  It is not.  Let’s be honest here that it can take much longer, or if we are lucky, perhaps even less time.

I never put a time limit on how long it takes to change a habit, so how exactly do you change a habit if you are a person like me, who loves due dates?  Here are some new Habit Hacks to try:

1 – Keep a habit tracker of some sort.  My day planner has a simple check box to make a check mark or X.  It is a very visual representation of my habits and how well I am doing.  I can put down 5 daily habits I want to achieve, but you can start smaller.

2 – Start with 1 habit change at a time.  For me this works best.  Seeing too many X’s on my habit tracker for 5 new habits I want to start, or change can be demotivating.  Start a new month with 1 habit you want to make permanent.  Next month, continue to track it, but add a new great habit. 

3 – Reward yourself when you finish 1 week of your new great habit.  Rewards do not have to cost a cent, and you should always stay within your budget.  I like to keep a list of things I will reward myself that are non-monetary.  My list includes little things like a piece of chocolate, reading a fun book, playing a game, etc.

4 – Tell others.  Letting people know you are making a habit change for the better can help keep you accountable to it.  Ask your friends to ask how it is going when they see you.  This is a great motivator as well, because you will want to be able to show or tell them all your accomplishments…and maybe share your plan with them if they want to change the same habit.

5 – Hire a coach.  Yes, even us coaches have coaches.  A coach is a great way to stay on track to your goal, have an accountability partner, and provide some tools or resources perhaps you did not know about or have already.

Here are a few take aways for you: remember KIS (Keep It Simple), find someone to hold you accountable, and reward yourself somehow.

Not sure you can do it, or need more tools?  Contact us today to see how we can help you with sustained changes and for building amazing habits.

Written by: Tara Lehman

Image from Microsoft Stock Images