Yes, we are twins!

We grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada and have no other siblings. We have always been very close and, to this day, will drive the hour to see each other. We are true best friends and are now doing what we love together. Here are a couple little known facts about us: we are actually identical mirror twins (Barb’s a lefty and Tara is a righty), we never wore the same clothing as children, we both ventured into different careers out of university; and many years later, here we are working together. We are so close that in university we even shared a room. We are now in the midst of raising our young teenage children and certainly can relate to the challenges of parenthood.

How did we start out? 

We both attended the University of Waterloo, both graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Tara graduated with a French BA and Barb with a Psychology BA. Throughout our careers and advancement opportunities, we were both finding ourselves helping and developing others in our prospective roles. This led us to exploring the idea of a life and business coaching joint adventure. A few years ago we began searching for a quality, thorough Life Coaching diploma that would help us expand our skills and knowledge to meet our vision of helping others be the best they can be in both life and work. It took several months and lots of hard work, but we both succeeded in receiving our Advanced Life Skills Coaching Level 4 diplomas both receiving Distinction level.

Together we have over 25 years’ experience in both the corporate/global world and non-profit organizations. We have a passion to help others to meet their life’s dreams and goals and to be happy.

We are very proud to say we have assisted many (and continue to do so) in working towards their goals and finding the success and personal wellness they are looking for.

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Tara's Interview

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We coach both in-person and virtually via phone, video call and WhatsApp. 

 In person: (Serving Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph Ontario area)

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Barb's Interview

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