As our theme this month is happiness, and we want to ensure everyone has a few tools in their pocket to be happier, we are providing you with some tips that may help.

  We all want to be happy, but some days happiness is seemingly harder to find than other days. Here we list 10 things you can do right now to put a smile on your face and give you a bit of happiness.

1 – Watch a funny movie, video clip, or reel. We love funny animal ones and comedian clips when we need a smile and only have a couple of minutes. They are so easy to find on most social media platforms and provide a boost of happiness.

2 – Take a lot of photos but never go through them? How about using your phone to remember some awesome moments you took pictures of? And when you have time, consider a photo book with those awesome memories.

3 – Read something funny or that makes you smile (aka not the news).

4 – Play with your pet to get both of you some energy by moving.

5 – Sing out loud to your favourite tunes… or if you can’t sign if your life depended on it, try just playing your favourite music.

6 – Dance. At work? Then dance down the hall and give everyone a great laugh and smile too!

7 – Smile. Just smiling makes you feel better. You can smile by yourself, in a mirror, to anyone you pass. It’s contagious too!

8 – Use visualization techniques like our Happy Places 5 Senses visualization. It gives you a few moments away to your happy place and away from reality.

9 – Tell a joke or ask those around you if they know any good (and clean) jokes to share.

10 – Write down 3 things you are grateful for in that moment (this is a great thing to do daily too).

There are so many quick and easy ways to give yourself a moment of happiness, so try the ones that work for you.

Here’s to happiness!

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