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Our Refferal Program

If a new client contacts us and mentions that you (our existing or past client) referred them to us and they attend at least 1 session, you will receive your next scheduled session at half price!

We truly appreciate any and all referrals to help us expand our business, with the benefit also going to you!

Our Workshops

Choose from the Workshops below or the Twin Life Coaching Eventbrite link below, wherein you will be directed towards our EVENTBRITE for dates and further details.

For all workshops and events go to: Twin Life Coaching Eventbrite

All workshops / events are always FREE to our past and current paying clients. Contact us for your discount code.


Taking Care of You


Join us for our monthly group where we will talk all things Self-Care.


Do you want to build your leadership skills but not sure you have the time? This is a 1 hour group chat to discuss all things leadership so you can work with others, share your stories, and build great business relationships.
Amplifying Leadership


Ask us about our 12 x 1-hour Foundations of Leadership Workshops! Several are done regularly on our Eventbrite, but if you want more information on the series for your organization contact us at today!

Other workshops and events MAY include:

Build Your Confidence workshop. Communication for Leaders workshop. Building Effective Teams workshop. Goal Setting 101 workshop. Goal Setting 101 for Business workshop. Stress Less workshop, Crush That Interview. And more to come... Check back often! Hope to see you there!

Our eBooks:

Stress Less Put Simply eBook

Dedicated to everyone as we all endure stress in our lives at one point or another. 

This eBook is for you and provides tips, tools, and basic information to help you be the best you can be during stressful times.  As much as our physical health needs taken care of, so does our mental health.  It’s time to pay attention and Stress Less to avoid possible illness, burnout, and a myriad of other issues.

What does this eBook cover?


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Stress Defined

Chapter 2 – Stop the Monster

Chapter 3 – Mindfulness

Chapter 4 – Stress Management at Home

Chapter 5 – Stress Tips at Work

Chapter 6 – Be a Pilot

Chapter 7 – Better Habits – It Can Make a Difference.

Chapter 8 – Change Your Path

Chapter 9 - Resources

Leadership Put Simply eBook

Dedicated to all leaders, leaders-to-be, or leaders who want to lead.

This eBook is for you and provides tips, tools, and basic information to help you be the best leader you can be.  Doing so can lead to better employee relations, employee retention, cost reductions, improved competitiveness, and all that will boost profits.

What does this eBook cover?


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Essence of a Leader

Chapter 2 – Building Employee Relations

Chapter 3 – Listen, Learn, Implement 

Chapter 4 – Lead the Team

Chapter 5 – Become a Company to Work For

Chapter 6 – Build a Strong Diversity, Equity, Inclusive, Belonging, and Accessible Company

Chapter 7 – Measure Progress

Chapter 8 – Never Stop Learning

Chapter 9 – Don’t Forget Your and Your Team’s Self-Care