I was once in a group discussing potential and what it means to meet your potential.  It occurred to me that our potential really is up to us.  We are not limited by anything but our thoughts and perceptions when it comes to the future in our lives, careers, or businesses.  The future is not here, so it is still open to change completely for the best outcomes.

What limits us is our inability to see that the future is what we make it.  Too many times we say that we can never do something that may be a bucket list item or a goal for ourselves or even in business, because we see ourselves as not being good enough, not enough time, financially not possible, etc.  Did you know that all of these things are based on nothing but the past and present experiences and our unfounded predictions of the future?  We can change our path in the future, if we want to, by understanding that our choices everyday change and update what can happen in the future.  Knowing that our potential is actually not limited, can help.  You are the one who decides your potential and you are the only one who then determines if it is not possible.  So, why not think that anything is possible as the future is not here, and we have full control of it even if today or our past has been hard.  Start to make tiny changes today that can change the outcome of your future…and start with a mindset shift.

If we change our perceptions to believe that we can be or do what we want to in life, achieve our personal or business goals, check something off the bucket list, then guess what?  It may happen.  What perception, “I will never travel the world as I will never have the money.” does this statement give our minds?  We tell ourselves it is impossible, so we will make that reality happen.  If we change the sentence to be, “I am going to travel the world and I will find the resources to do it.” we tell ourselves it is possible.  Our minds will change how they think of the goal, by looking for ways to make it happen.  We become creative in our thinking and find the resources we need to accomplish the goal.  It may not happen tomorrow, but we may determine a great way to save money over the next 5 years that means you can go on that awesome trip.   

Consider thinking of all the ways you could possibly make a goal happen and not the things you perceive will hold you back.  Let your creative juices go wild!  Keep your mind open to the future and all your potential and possibilities, and avoid the negative thoughts or mindset.  The future is not here, so how can we predict it will be a failure or something won’t/can’t happen? 

The next time you feel the ‘that will never happen for me’ mindset coming back to you, change it.  Your potential to achieve what you want in life, career, in your business, or for your bucket list goals is completely up to you. 

“Where you are in your current successes is not what your full potential is.  Your full potential is up to you and can be infinite, so reach for the stars and beyond.” Quote by Tara Lehman

Writen by Tara Lehman

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