The Power of WHY

By: Tara Lehman 7-2023

Why is ‘why’ so powerful?  Because it is the question of all questions.  It is our curiosity coming out for a visit.  It helps us understand our world around us.  It navigates us through to the answers we seek.  It is also the enemy around negative self-talk.  It can be what brings you down too.  That’s why.

From a very young age we start to ask questions that start with ‘why’, such as “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why did someone or a pet die?”, and as we get older: “Why did I not get that job?”, or even “Why me?”.  Want to know how many times you ask ‘why’ each day, then listen and count.  And I don’t just mean when you say it out loud, I also mean when you say or ask it in your head.  What number did you get?  How many times was it pure curiosity, like that of a young child, or damaging to your self-esteem, self-confidence, or being part of your negative self-talk?  If it is more negative then curiosity, I ask you “why”? 

We get into our heads a lot, and a lot of negative self-talk happens there, which can spiral us into mental places we really would rather stay away from.  If you truly start to tune into your mind chatter, you will see yourself asking ‘why’ a lot – some for the good and some not so great.  And negative self-talk comes into this as we may question why we were not good enough, or why the promotion was give to her or him and not me.  Asking ‘why’ is important if you use it to learn and grow and with full curiosity.  First and foremost, you are good enough, so let’s consciously knock that question away from any self or outward talk we have.  It’s not a matter of if you are good enough for something (let’s say that promotion you did not get), but rather, what can you learn from that and how can you get that promotion next time? 

Use the Power of Why to your advantage.  If you want to know why the sky is blue, go look it up.  Give yourself the empowerment of knowledge to help you with your whys.  Did not get that promotion?  Go ask what you need to do in order to get that promotion the next time it, or another possible promotion, comes your way.  Why leads us to learning and growing if we use the question properly.  No more using ‘why’ for negative self or outward talking.  Make ‘why’ your curiosity powerhouse and learn from all your ‘why’ questions to gain the knowledge and experience you want or need to move forward positively.  If you don’t know how to do this, ask your very young child why they ask why (or a young child of someone you know, if you do not have children – with the parent’s permission of course) – they will likely tell you it’s because they don’t know the answer – they are curious.  I believe they are not going to tell you it is because they are stupid for not knowing – most very young children don’t feel or understand this yet. They are just trying to learn and grow – become more knowledgeable on a subject they don’t understand. 

Be a curious person and find out the answers to the why questions you have, improve your knowledge or skills around the why, get rid of the negative self-talk – say goodbye to it out loud, and then grow.  Why?  Because humans are curious beings and we can flourish and succeed from asking ‘Why’.

That’s the Power of Why.

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