Mindfulness is a word that is thrown around and can have very different meanings depending who you are and what you have heard, or even courses you have taken.  Some believe it means you have to become a monk and sit on a Tibetan mountain humming or being perfectly silent for hours on end.  Others see it as making a space in their home that is quiet and peaceful, while others see it as meditation and so on.  So what is it?  It can be all or none of these.

Mindfulness, on a high level is about being fully aware in the present moment.  This can be a monk sitting in the mountains humming, it can be meditation, it can be making a quiet place in your house to sit or even just looking out a window with a childhood curiosity.  Being mindful is what you need it to be.  Be aware that sometimes being mindful can be a negative experience too.  If this happens, please do reach out to us to help you through that situation.

Here are some ways to bring positive mindfulness into your life.  If you want, practice meditation.  It can help you clear your mind or just be.  There are many different guided meditations out there, so pick the one that is best suited to you.  For example, I found during my training, that meditations that were longer than 30 mins were not my thing.  I enjoy those that are shorter to fit into my day.  You can also practice mindfulness by appreciating the beauty of nature using our Happiness Place 5 Senses visualization found on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4nEVYoibo0) to give you a sense of peace during a rough time of your day or because you want to put a smile on your face.  You can also use mindfulness to better appreciate what you love about your: food, children, friends, nature, work, etc by looking around and just watching the world go around you – separate yourself from them and watch the world from the point of view of you watching a TV show or from a park bench…just watching, being present and always without judgement.

Negative experiences can happen with mindfulness and it is important to mention this.  Sometimes when we are in the present moment, we may realize that someone is hurting or we are hurting in some way.  Let’s take being at a park and watching the world pass by us.  We are sitting there being in the present moment with full awareness and happen to now notice garbage all around us on the ground, in the bushes and in the overfilled garbage can – we realize that society and people are not always what we want them to be – clean, recyclers, aware of what garbage means to our environment.  This can lead us to moments of sadness or depression.  This can happen in many places we practice mindfulness, so if you are looking for positive mindfulness, be sure you set yourself up in the correct environment to be present and fully aware.

There are a lot of resources on mindfulness, so do your research, try different methods and pick the one that works best for you.  At Twin Life Coaching & Business Services, we are both trained on mindfulness and can help you practice it every day to be: more fulfilled, aware, present, happy and relaxed.  If you do get into a negative experience, we are here to help you work through that and move forward to a more positive future and mindfulness experiences.

Written By: Tara Lehman, Copyright 2019

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