In having my own leadership journey and in speaking with inspiring leaders on my podcast Amplifying Leadership, there is a common theme that comes up.  Leadership is not a one and done.  It is a life-long journey and one you may have started much earlier in your life without even knowing it.

Some people think you need to climb the corporate ladder to be a leader, but that is not necessarily true either.  Anyone can lead.  No one ever said you had to be a manager or in the C-Suite.  When you think of your story, do you feel you just came into leadership?  Do you see yourself as having had to be a manager to lead?  If so, I challenge that.

Most leaders know that leadership is never one and done.  It is about learning every day and from childhood as well.  You need to constantly put the work in to keep up with the changing world, not to mention your own company and the changes that may take place.  If I was to ask you where your leadership journey started and to really think about that, I bet we can probably see the beginnings of it in your childhood.  Whether you lead a small group at school or were the person your friends relied on to guide them, it likely started when you were young.  We just don’t necessarily call it leadership.   Leadership is a muscle we need to continually develop from our young age as leading however we were, to leading our co-workers in a team project, to leading a corporation. 

Leadership skills need to change over time and as leaders, we know that means paying attention to the feedback we solicit from others, coaching or mentoring, training, and re-training.  Yes, re-training.  Have you ever considered taking that course you send your new leaders too, on communication, for example?  If you don’t, go once in a while.  It is a great way to get a refresher, or you could even realize you have been missing out on something new, or from being reminded that being a leader means listening and gaining feedback to grow.  Re-training is a huge component of growth and is something you should consider doing to grow and enhance your skills.

There are many ways to develop your leadership muscles.  This can include asking for feedback from co-workers and your direct / indirect reports, formal or informal training, coaching and mentoring, reading leadership books, and even watching other great leaders and learning from their example.  Whatever you do, remember leadership is not a one and done.  It is something that needs continual development.

What is your next leadership skill you are going to grow?

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Tara Lehman

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