Shopping at the grocery store seems like a regular mundane chore we all need to do to ensure we eat.  It is something that we just do; sometimes weekly, sometimes every couple of days.  But when you are also trying to lose weight, it can seem like a daunting, intimidating chore that needs to be done.  Here are a few tips to confidently go shopping while trying to lose weight, and not buy all the foods that you crave.

  1. Don’t go hungry.  This one is a big one.  Going shopping when hungry will just make your food cravings stronger.  If you are full, you are less likely going to grab foods that you don’t want.  Seems simple, but it can be challenging to do if you have a busy schedule and just fitting shopping in when you can.  If this is you, have a look at your week and see if there is a day where you can get your shopping done shortly after you have eaten a meal.
  2. Shop less.  Yes, shop less.  The more frequently you go to the grocery store, the more likely you are going to pick up something you do not need or buy more than you need.  Not only can this help you stay on track with your weight loss goals, but it can also save on the budget too!  The more you go, the more you will spend.  This tip is a good one for both confidently sticking to your weight loss goals, but also managing your grocery budget!
  3. Plan ahead.  Many people do not like having a meal plan as most can’t stick to it.  This is fine, but make sure you have an idea of what you want to eat before you go and create a list of what you need.  A list can certainly help you confidently walk past those treat isles that you really don’t need to go down.  And when planning ahead; do not write down any treats!  If you have a sweet tooth, try a new sweet fruit such as granadilla, berries or melons are a great choice too, and if you have a salty pallet, try popcorn with sea salt or homemade veggie crisps.
  4. Shop the outside isles.  Most grocery stores in North America have the healthier foods on the outside parameter of the store. Start there!  Fruits, veggies, grains, meats and dairy are all usually on the outside isles.  If you need something from one of the isles, then plan strategically and only go to the isle.  Don’t be the person that weaves up and down each isle browsing.  That is when you may grab something you do not want or need.
  5. Take a shopping tour.  Often there are people who can support you in your grocery shopping when you are trying to eat healthier, and this person can go over how to shop and even how to choose your produce, what is fresh and what is not, and what to avoid.  These tours can be virtual or in person, but either way, there is support out there!

There are five tips to help you feel more confident when shopping while trying to lose weight or just eat healthy.  If you are someone that needs some support, try sticking to these secrets and see if it makes a difference to you.  To be successful, it takes time so, even if you just find one of these helpful at a time to make healthy choices while you shop, that’s okay.  And if you find yourself in the snack food isle, just confidently walk to the other end with your eyes looking forward and remind yourself that you’ve got this!

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