Meet the Coaches

Yes, we are twins! 

Here are a couple of little known facts about us:  We are actually identical mirror twins (Barb’s a “lefty” and Tara’s a “righty”), we never wore the same clothes as children, we both ventured into different careers out of university…until now.

Together we have over 20 years experience in both the corporate global world and non-profit organizations.  We have a passion to help others to meet their life’s dreams and goals and to be happy.

Our vision is to help everyone be the best they can be in both life and work.  We work with both adults and children as we want to support you, our client, in achieving your goals and overcome your struggles.   We also work with our clients on work-related challenges such as: understanding how a career may affect you, struggles with co-workers/employer/manager, and performance.

Together our education includes: Advanced Life Skills Coaching Level 4 Diplomas both reaching “Distinction” acknowledgement for our successful completion of this education.  Along with that Barb has a BA in psychology and Tara a BA in French studies.

Besides life coaching, Tara has most recently completed a certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Life Coach Practitioner, holds a certificate in Mindfulness and also has a Mental Health First Aid certificate.  She has taken a Leadership Train The Trainer course where she has been a global trainer on a leadership program which includes: coaching, active listening, communication, conflict management, developing your self and employees, working with understanding personal differences (values, behaviours, etc), how to effectively work with diversity and many other tools.

Along with life coaching, Barb has an extensive background with developmental services in both counsellor and management roles.  Her other education includes mindfulness training, FASD training, crisis prevention and stress management among others.  Barb also works in assisting families with finding the supports and resources needed for loved ones as well as for themselves.

Together, we are proud to say we have assisted many in working towards their goals and finding the success and personal wellness they are looking for.

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