Holistic Life Coaching


Life coaching is all about YOU, the client

We will work with you through one on one conversations to help fulfill your goals, become the best person you can be, assist you through tough times and be a sounding board.  We are there to listen, teach and empower you to find the answers you seek.

We can help with many of life’s challenges.  Do any of these questions apply to you?

Do you already have a Goal or Dream you want to pursue in your personal or professional life?

Are you struggling with feelings of Stress, Depression or Anxiety?

Do you need transitional support for your loved ones who are seniors or have developmental disabilities?

Are you in a state of transition in your life and do not know where to start?

We support all of these and many more…

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Pricing and Options:

Where do we coach?

In person (Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph Ontario area), Skype, WhatsApp and Phone (Canada)

One-On-One Sessions:

$90 for a 50 minute session or $65 for a 30 minute session.

Convenient Packages to save you money!

50 Mins Sessions:

4 weeks (1 intake and 3 sessions) – $350

8 weeks (1 intake and 7 sessions) – $680

12 weeks (1 intake and 11 sessions) – $960

30 mins Sessions:

4 weeks (1 – 50 mins intake and 3 – 30 mins) – $250

8 weeks (1-50 mins intake and 7 – 30 mins) – $470

“You’ve Got This! ” Goal Setting Package – $350 – includes: 4 (four) full 50 minutes sessions plus a convenient and customizable workbook to keep you on track with your ultimate goal.  With our help and your dedication, You’ve Got This!

“Balance Your Budget!”  Package – $270 -includes: includes: 3 (three) full 50 minutes sessions plus a convenient and customizable Excel worksheet to keep you feeling financially on track.



GIFT CERTIFICATES also available in any denomination.

Referral Program for existing clients :

If a new client contacts us and mentions that you (our existing or past client) referred them to us and they attend at least 1 session, you will receive your next scheduled session at half price!

We truly appreciate any and all referrals to help us expand our business, with the benefit also going to you!

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