Mindfulness Explained In Brief

Mindfulness is a word that is thrown around and can have very different meanings depending who you are and what you have heard, or even courses you have taken.  Some believe it means you have to become a monk and sit on a Tibetan mountain humming or being perfectly silent for hours on end.  Others see it as making a space in their home that is quiet and peaceful, while others see it as meditation and so on.  So what is it?  It can be all or none of these. Continue reading “Mindfulness Explained In Brief”

Achieve That Goal!

Written By Tara Lehman    Copyright 2019

Did you make a New Year’s resolution?  Do you have a goal you are working on?  Then we have the acronym for you!  G.O.A.L and it stands for Goal, Opportunity, Apply/Action and Learn.

G is for Goal.  Everyone makes them, especially at New Year’s but only about 30% of those who actually make a New Year’s resolution or goal actually achieve them.  Why?  For many reasons – some may not have a goal that makes sense, perhaps they felt they failed and gave up, maybe it was too big a goal for them and they felt overwhelmed.  When setting a Goal, make sure it is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Resources, and Time Bound.  If your goal is to eat more vegetables this year, make this a SMART goal. Continue reading “Achieve That Goal!”

Why Practice Deep Breathing?

Written by: Barb Chapman

Copyright: November 2018

Have you ever wondered why others suggest deep breathing?  Are you someone who thinks the idea is silly and useless as we all breathe continuously, or are you someone who uses this mindfulness technique every day?  Check these scenarios out and spot the differences.

Scenario 1

Joe’s alarm goes off at 6am on Monday morning and he hits snooze, he wants to go back to sleep for 10 more minutes.  Joe doesn’t fall asleep and the alarm rings again.  He shuts it off, gets out of bed and sluggishly heads to the washroom for his shower.  After his shower he is still tired and grumpy but heads to the kitchen to eat some breakfast and grab a coffee before heading off to work.  Joe arrives at work still feeling a bit tired but ready for his day.  His day is stressful and as the day goes on he feels more and more tense in his shoulders and frustration with his work. Continue reading “Why Practice Deep Breathing?”

Money? What Money?

Written by: Tara Lehman                                                Copyright: September 2018

Money?  What money?  Does this sound familiar?   Most people struggle with money at some point in their lives and some live pay cheque to pay cheque.  One thing that we are not necessarily taught in life is how to save money and spend within or under our means.

What exactly does it mean to spend within or under our means?  It means knowing how much money you have coming in and not spending more that that value.  In fact, we should spend less that than value if we want to have extra money.  Spending less means having more to save for retirement / that big plan (think car or trip) or to pay down debt.  If you are spending over your means, then you are spending too much money and won’t be able to pay down debts, purchase that new pair of shoes or buy that new car.  So, what can be done? Continue reading “Money? What Money?”

Coping with Business Travel

Coping with business travel can leave many travellers: frustrated, annoyed, angry or upset.  Does this sound like you?  Many business travellers are also frequent flyers and you know what it can be like with delayed flights, disrespectful workers, angry customers, or just having to plain wait.  So how do you travel in a way where you remain calm and lead by example for those who are not? Continue reading “Coping with Business Travel”