Career Transition Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Career Transition Doesn’t Have to be Scary

By Barb Chapman, copyright 2019

Are you unhappy at work or recently laid off?  Are just finishing school and wondering…what next?  There is a lot to consider when making a career change.  Change can be scary and cause anxiety but it can also be change for the better.  Focussing on the latter will help you move towards a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Perhaps you are at the point where a new career is inevitable, and you need to figure out what to do next.  There are so many tools and resources these days to use in order to help you.  Have you taken a few minutes to Google search your field of study or your career preference?  If you are just finishing school and have a diploma or degree that does not have a clearly defined career attached (ie: nursing) type in the diploma name along with the word “careers”.  What comes up?  There may be several things that you have heard of or thought of that you can do with your education, but you may also be surprised by what other options you may discover.  This is a great step to help further define what you may want to do as a career.

Another great way to prepare yourself for your next career move, once you have better defined what you would like pursue, is discovering your current skills and competencies.  Create yourself a list of the skills you feel you have mastered that would benefit your career choice, but also look to create a list of some of the skills you may need to develop.  This is easy to determine by looking at job postings in your field of choice.  Is there something required that you are missing?  If so, don’t be afraid to further develop those skills either by education, volunteering or other ways.  This will only enhance your resume when applying for that dream job.

Are you the type who struggles with resume writing?  Then this may be a skill you need to develop or find some assistance with.  Check your local resources that may be able to assist you at a minimal cost.  For example, reaching out to a temporary staffing agency may be a great place to go for assistance.  Of course there is always the internet, co-workers, employers, and other avenues to find support.  Again if you are unsure where to look, Google search your area and look for resume writing resources.

Once you have determined what would like to do and have perfected your resume, it is time to look at job postings.  If you see a job that you feel fits your skills and education, make sure to research the company prior to applying for the job.  Is this a good match for you?  Does the culture of the company fit your personality?  Investigate the company website, talk to people who you may know working there and check out their reviews.  If you are feeling confident, then send in that resume but remember it does not stop there.

Now it is time to perfect your online presence.  Have you typed your name into a Google search? What comes up?  Most employers these days will do a search on their applicants, so make sure your online presence is professional and clean.  Take out any posts from your social media that could offend someone and make sure your language is clean and appropriate.  Remember all your social media is public as it is online and can be found.  Make sure to have a professional profile as well on a social media site such as LinkedIn.  This extra bit of effort can go a long way towards achieving your career goals.

Finally, brush up on your interview skills.  You can do this by searching questions in your field and level you are applying for, asking friends or family to quiz you and provide you feedback, or check for local resources to assist you.  Preparation for an interview will help you feel more confident going into that interview room.  Don’t be afraid to bring notes and questions with you as well.  Most potential employers will see this as preparation which shows your initiative which many employers look for when hiring.

As life and career coaches, we are trained to provide full assistance with all of these steps and many more in helping you transition from one avenue to another. We have many tools and resources and can even ask you interview questions and provide feedback. Make sure to reach out to us and start your career transition today.



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