YOU Are Unique

Be more like your sister!  Why can’t you do what I want you to?  You need to follow in your father’s footsteps.  You should be a lawyer just like your Aunt.  Why can’t you be more like Joe or Jane?

Do this sound familiar?  We have all heard at some point in our lives that we should be someone we are not.  Why is that?  To be wealthier?  To feel secure or successful?   Or because that is what someone else wants for us?

Life is full of choices that you make, whether you realize it or not.  Every choice we make in life creates our unique path.  No one person is the same.  This is why a “one size fits all” approach to pretty much anything, including mental and physical health may not exist.   For example, for myself, I stay away from certain foods due to my skin disease, psoriasis.  However, what works for me, may make it worse for someone else.   Even with diseases, ailments and even problems we face, we are all different in how we respond to treatments, diet, exercise and even life coaching.  So why do we try so hard to be like everyone else?  Working with my life coaching clients helps them not only reach their potential, but see THEIR path in life, not someone else’s.

Every choice that we make changes who we are and what we will become in the future.   This is what makes us all unique.  Being an identical twin myself, I even can see how my sister and I are different.  We may have the same DNA and we may work together as life coaches, but we are unique in our own ways.

Being unique means, you get to make choices in life.  Everything you do is a choice you are making.   Lots of people say they are unhappy and are stuck in their job or something else.  But are you?  Are you unhappy at work?  Do you want a promotion or a raise?  Then do something about it because the likelihood of it coming to you is very low.  Waiting for the doors to open for you may be a very long, unfulfilling and even somewhat difficult one if you decide to sit and wait.

Let’s say you see a new position opens at your place of business.  You have 60% of the qualifications but you do not apply because you feel it is just not worth it, or you are afraid, or some tells you not to because someone else has more qualifications than you so what’s the point.  You decide not apply and you remain unhappy at work.  That was your choice to make.  Now, let’s say you actually applied, got an interview and then maybe even a job offer!  That choice to go for it could mean a happier and more fulfilled you.  However maybe you get the interview, but no job offer.  Does that make your choice to apply wrong?  Not necessarily.  You could take this time to ask the interviewers what you were missing, so you can choose to take some training, mentor someone, coaching or whatever else is needed so next time you are their number one choice.  Or, maybe you at least gained some valuable interview experience for the next great position that comes along.  Open that door and do it for you!

Remember, it is always important to be YOU and no one else.  If you want help with finding your own path, that is what I am here for.  If you want to remain as you are, then that is a choice you make too.

A life coaches role is to help you see what you have inside and bring out your uniqueness, so you can be the best you can be.  We are there to help you find your way, never to tell you what to do.  We make suggestions, brainstorm with you and maybe even share stories to bring out your ideas, but every choice you make will be yours.  You are not stuck on your path.  So, if you are unhappy OPEN THAT DOOR yourself and seek out a different path.  Only you can make a change.  Come see me today to learn more about yourself and how you can take your own path to a better, more fulfilled YOU!

Whatever you choose to do, make your life uniquely YOU!

Tara Lehman

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