Why EVERYONE Needs a Life Coach

Written by Barb Chapman and Tara Lehman of Twin Life Coaching & Business Services March 2018

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You have probably heard the words Life Coach, but what is it and why do you need one?   Life Coaching is always about YOU the client.  As Life Coaches we are there to help you find your way, overcome struggles, meet goals, overcome challenges or help you to get unstuck.  Even if you are happy and feel all is good, then maybe you want to take on a new challenge or push yourself to a new level.  Whatever the case may be, Life Coaches can get you there.  Think of us as your cheerleaders, resource gurus and life’s personal trainer!

How do we work with you?  We work with you on moving forward, looking into your future, helping you stay accountable.  We can use or provide goal setting, resources, tools, cognitive behaviour therapy, visualization, mindfulness and may other options to keep you moving in the direction you want to move.  We ask you deep questions, so you gain an understanding of where you want to go.  We will never force you to do anything or provide you with your answers.  Everything you do is for you, by you.  We keep you motivated, moving forward and help you achieve your goals.

Why do people see us?  There are a lot of examples, but common examples can include: stress, depression, getting over a life event (ie separation or divorce, new baby), family issues, meeting your goals, simply providing resources, overcoming social anxiety, career changes, you feel “stuck” and don’t know what to do in your life.  We can help with so many of life’s challenges and struggles.

Most importantly, we as Life Coaches, are here for you!  We provide open, honest communication and work with anyone wanting and willing to make a change.

Contact us today to set up your 15 minutes free consult!  There is no time like now and it is never too late.

See you soon!

Barb Chapman and Tara Lehman

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