Make Your New Year’s Resolution Happen!!

Did you, like many others, find yourself on New Year’s Eve making a resolution or setting a goal for yourself that you want to stick to this year?  Not sure how to get started?   Life Coaching can keep you accountable for your goals!

How can Barb or Tara, Twin Life Coaches, help you?  We have some great goal setting tools we can use to create your SMART goal that will keep you on track this year.  As Life Coaches we will meet with you to work through your challenges in keeping your resolution this year.  No more excuses!  We are here to support you.

What is a SMART goal?  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Resourced and Time Limited.  Using this method, we are able to help you clarify your goals and break them down into more easily achievable steps.

Specific means being clear in your goals knowing what you want and the smaller steps you may need to take.

Measurable: we will ensure that you feel your outcome has been achieved and you know when you have succeeded.

Achievable: Life Coaches work with you to ensure your goal is within reach and you don’t set yourself up for failure.  We will celebrate all your small successes along the way.

Realistic / Resources: We can help you with understanding what resources you may need and if your goal is a realistic one for yourself.  Perhaps you need smaller goals or access to other resources which we can help you with.

Time Limited: as Life Coaches we can help you develop a time line to achieve your goal(s) that makes sense to you.

Smart Goals

Contact us today and let’s get started on your New Year’s Resolution!

Happy New Year from Barb and Tara!

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